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AR Juice

AR game demo

Teamwork game design for CMU ETC Building Virtual Worlds-round 2, using Hololens 2 as the device.

2 weeks

Group Project



My team created an interactive game that combining real-world stuff and virtual objects. This game demo is about making boba teas for your customers. players would get a real recipe book for making teas. And they would follow the customers' demand to finish their mission in a virtual world.

My Contribution

Game Designer, UX&UI Designer, Programmer

Team members

Jerry Yu, Yukti Gupte, Robin Xie, Yuchan Wu


Hololens2, Unity, Maya, Blender

Demonstrated abilities

XR experience design, 3D modeling

Game Video

Design & Testing Process

WeChat Screenshot_20220331003326.png
WeChat Screenshot_20220331002503.png
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