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Interaction design & Service design


A driving recorder provides supervision and rapid alarm for net car system

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​2 weeks

Personal project



On August 28, 2018, in China, the news that a flight attendant was killed by the driver's cruelty by taking the Internet car was once again pushing the safety of the car to the public opinion. As early as 2016, the murder of a network car driver had caused widespread social concern. Nowadays, major online car companies in China and the world are issuing relevant policies to prevent such incidents. However, related violations are still being exposed.


I designed a service system with hardware intervention, which can provide better security for both passengers and drivers.

Software & Devices

Rhino, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Keyshot

Design Process


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In order to understand the underlying reasons, I asked several online car-hailing drivers and a public security police officer to understand the current status of the online car-hailing industry and the alarm process.

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Then the persona of this design was established based on the results of user research.

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After that, I analyzed the original service process and found many problems.

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According to the service process, a major reason for frequent traffic accidents is that criminals can use the identity of the drip driver to trick passengers into the car. This shows that it is necessary for passengers to verify the identity of the driver before boarding the car. In the current service system, the way in which the passengers verify the identity of the driver is subjective judgment only when getting on the car, which is basically equivalent to ignoring this link. At the same time, the supervision of drivers is extremely weak when there are no passengers.


Based on the preliminary research, I put forward three points of insight and the corresponding solution concept.

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Since video surveillance is needed, a physical product must be equipped with a camera function. I have conducted discussion and deliberation on the location and functional form of the product

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The final product form has panoramic cameras on both sides and a fingerprint recognition device at the bottom of the front end.


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I invited several professional drivers to test and screen the prototype of the interactive interface.

The front camera of the hardware can support gesture control, avoiding the driver's distraction caused by complicated operations.


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Service improvement - Brand

The monitor will display the information that the driver needs at present, and change the information according to the vehicle status (no load, passenger, self-use, etc.), so that the driver can accurately obtain the most important information.

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Final workflow

After having the monitor, the service process of the entire network car is safer and more thoughtful, providing better protection and service for both drivers and passengers.

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