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Interaction design

Simulated anatomy solution based on AR technology

4 weeks

Personal Project



Medicine is a practical subject. Training a doctor requires a large number of anatomical experiments as theoretical support. The topic of animal biopsy is hugely controversial in humanitarian terms because of the large number of animals needed and the animal's feelings during the experiment. 


This project applied assisted imaging or augmented reality technology to reduce the behavior of life anatomy to reduce animal anatomy experiments or make some changes.

Software & Devices

Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, After Effect, EyeTracker, LilyWaveSimilarity

Design Process



Approximately 10 million animals are used for classroom dissection exercises annually in the U.S. Turtles are smashed on the head with hammers and have holes drilled into their shells. Frogs’ brains are destroyed when pins are stuck through their skulls. Mice, rabbits, and rats are also subjected to highly invasive, painful, and otherwise harmful procedures at the hands of students and professors.

资源 我@4x.png


Medical experiments of animal dissection have many side effects.

资源 8@4x.png

The pain level of humans is divided into ten groups, which also correspond to mild pain, moderate pain, and extreme pain in animal pain levels.

资源 饿@4x.png

I then interviewed four medical students who have done several animal anatomy experiments during their undergraduate level.

资源 9@4x.png
资源 4@4x.png

Insight from research


There are many unnecessary animal experiments.


Unskilled student operation leads to additional injuries to animals.


Should we replace traditional animal experiments completely with other methods?

We should improve the proficiency of students' operations and replace unnecessary experiments


Live animal experiments cannot be completely replaced.



资源 5@4x.png

User journey

重新排_画板 1 副本 6.png

Through interviews, I visualized the training journey of medical students when participating in animal dissection.


After observing and summarizing the journey and the personas, I summarized three function points.

资源 323@4x.png

Simulation of operations

Simulate experimental operations in the app, so that medical students can better master the operation skills, and reduce the pain of experimental animals as much as possible in the necessary real experiments.

资源 232@4x.png

Review of knowledges

Establish an evaluation and review system in the app to help medical students better master experimental knowledge.

资源 123@4x.png

Presentation of results

Show the internal structure after dissection in the appʼs anatomy experiment. So that medical students can grasp the knowledge that was originally mastered through anatomy experiments through our products.

And I chose AR technology as the product medium.

资源 14@4x.png


资源 15@4x.png
资源 16@4x.png

Combining with the previous background investigation and technical investigation, we decided to realize the simulation of the animal experiments by way of <model + tool + APP>. And simulate the actual animal experiments experiences as realistic as possible.


资源 17@4x.png

Low-fi prototyping

资源 18@4x.png

User interface



Demo developing

资源 21@4x.png

Demo testing

资源 22@4x.png

After completing the prototype, I found the two medical students I interviewed before for demo-testing, and they gave me some ideas and opinions.

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