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A Smart System for Discussion



The teamwork of creative workers often requires a lot of discussions, and limited results often accompany these discussions due to a lack of organization and effective grooming. As AI technology becomes more involved in our lives, could interactive knowledge graphs improve these discussions?


We have created a creative discussion solution that includes an intelligent robot and a knowledge graph visualization system that can organize the discussion structure and provide some inspiration.

Team members

Chaoran Chen, Yixiang Zhang, Ziyi Liu, Shangyi Bai

My Contribution

UI/UX designing, 3D-Modeling,

Programming (Physical Interaction), User Researching


Rhinoceros, Cinema 4D, Python, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Raspberry Pi, After Effect, Arduino

Design Process


资源 17@4x.png

We interviewed three creative workers about the problems and challenges they encountered in their usual discussions. Then we made personas of the target user group.

资源 4@4x.png

Shelly has many frustrations:

资源 5@4x.png


We hope to introduce a "new member" for the discussion, and it has the following functions.

资源 6@4x.png
资源 7@4x.png

After that, we further analyzed the user journey to better construct specific functional usage scenarios, and at the same time, establish a framework for future development.

资源 8@4x.png
资源 9@4x.png

Algorithm logic

未标题-45_画板 1 副本 8.jpg
资源 14@4x.png
未标题-4_画板 1 副本 6.jpg

UI elements

未标题-4_画板 1 副本 7.png

System map

资源 12@4x.png


资源 13@4x.png

So I prefer a conservative solution. . .

So I prefer a conservative solution. . .

Memorizing keyword...


Here are some examples of your solution~

Demo development

资源 15@4x.png
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