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Alice In

Innovative Game Using Eye-Tracker



Inspired by "SCP-173", which is a fictional horror creature that will teleport behind the victims and kill them, my team decided to design a horror game that focus on “Staring at IT".

To make the intercation more intuitively, we introduced [Tobii Eye Tracker] into our input devices. The player will use the eye tracker&the keyboard to play the game. 

My Role

Game & Level Designer, 2D Artist, UX/UI Designer


7 Days


Tobii Eye Tracker, Unity, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate

Game Design Process

Draft Version

Our team produced the first demo on the fourth day after we started. We do not have a video of this demo because we did not add art elements to this draft version. The game scene is completely black, except for the area where the character is located and the area where the player is staring. And there is no hint of the monster's location either. As a result, In the first round of playtesting, almost no players were able to pass the game.

After the first round of playtesting, we listed things we need to change for the next version:

1. Slow down the movement of monsters
2. Increase the character's health
3. Add other lighting elements to the scene
4. When the monster is in the dark, the player can also roughly know its location

​The overall design purpose is to lower the difficulty of the game.

Version 1.0

In the first official version, in addition to the previous modifications, we added art elements and background stories to enrich the player's experience.

Then we did the second round of playtesting. Some skillful testers report that the game flow is short. Another group of testers who didn't have much exposure to video games said they were frustrated that they couldn't find the keys. And they want the game to have some hints about where the keys are. After this round of playtesting, we listed things we need to change for the next version:

1. Beautify the UI
2. Players can choose the difficulty of the game
3. Add some hints for key locations

​The overall design purpose is to make the game suitable for players of all skill levels.

Version 2.0

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