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Creature Lab

CMU ETC Capstone Project


Design Context

Design a broadly accessible, at-home experience that uses Jell-O as a tool for family bonding-time play while appealing to multiple senses.


We designed a mixed-reality experience that allow kids to bring their gelatin desserts to life. They can play with, feed, teach and take photo with their unique creation along with their parents.

Client & Partnership


My Role

Co-Producer, Front-End Programmer (UI/UX)

Tool Used

Unity 3D, Figma, Blender

Game Trailer

My Part of Work

Being A Producer

Ensuring the Product Quality

This is the first time I have tried the producer role in the team. I found that being a producer means you must deal with much detailed stuff when working with the team, which includes task assigning & tracking, setting up team week schedules, communicating with clients & instructors, and buying snacks for teammates... 


Established a task tracking system via Excel


Documenting development blogs on project website

setting up workshops & play sessions with clients

Being A UI/UX Engineeer

Giving Feedback on UI/UX Design & Programming in Unity3D

This is also my first time trying a programmer & engineer role to develop an app (yes, I totally got out of my comfort zone on this project!) In addition to working & communicating with our lead programmer, I also held weekly syncing-up sessions with our UI/UX designers. So my role is quite like a bridge between the programming and design teams.


Implementing UI process bar


Implementing customization menu


realizing animation & scene transitions in Unity3D

In addition to programming for user interactions, I also helped code & realize the soft body motion in order to make the creatures look more jelly-like. Here is part of my code and the basic logic explain.

Getting mesh & vertices data from the spawned model

Creating lerp animation & bouncing effects

Working With Client

A Great Time with Deeplocal

I've learned a lot from this experience. As a sponsored capstone project, we worked with Deeplocal, a creative technology agency. In our weekly meetings, they acted more like our external instructors but not our clients. From our meetings, as students, we got to know how the creative advertising industry work. They also shared their own design metrics and development process with us. For me, it is appreciable to have a nice client just like them.

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