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iQiyi User Experience Upgration

Working as a UX design intern, I evaluated and designed the user experience of iQiyi web interface. I Generated wireframes and low to mid-fi prototypes for the web page, conducted heuristic evaluation based on the user journey of the iQiyi app. And increased the overall user conversion rate by 2.09% in the responsible version upgradation. I would go into detail on my design insights and ideas for this upgradation in this passage.

According to the report from iQiyi user research team, and the user data from the product team, this upgradation would mainly focus on the following user pain points:

1. Users may choose to play the movie windowed instead of full screen in certain situations

2. Users are confused when their browser does not support the iQIYI website

3. Sometimes users are more interested in the content of “Bullet chatting" than the video itself.


For pain point No.1, I proposed that when users are playing the video in form of window, they can get more relevant information about that video. In this case, we should consider the web page when they are watching videos as the "first-page", and information that will be shown after user's scrolling down will be defined as "second-page".

In the previous iQiyi PCW version, the information of the movie's director and actors couldn't be shown when users are playing the video in form of window, as we defined as "first-page". In my design, the function of "first-page" is defined as [playing video and showing related information]. While "second-page" is mainly responsible for [showing comments and other video recommendations]. And the direct change in user interface is that the staff information will be partly shown on the "first-page"

The Interaction Document1

For the pain point that users are interested in the function of "Bullet Chatting"but this function is actually really weak in the current design. The PM team and I decided to let those bullet chats with good content stand out. In my final interaction document, those bullet chats with most likes would be marked in UI.


The Interaction Document2

For the point that users would be confused when their browser does not support the iQIYI website. The solution would be simple that we only need to show the links to our recommended browser once the video can't be played correctly in the browser.


The Interaction Document3

And I also designed a brand new information layout for the PCW video playing page. After several design critique and iteration, the document is as follow.


For a video playback platform where nearly 2/3 of its revenue comes from users purchasing members, the success of iQiyi's version updates depends on the user conversion rate, that is, the probability that users click on this page to enter other pages. The user conversion rate determines the user retention rate and even the probability of consumption behavior to a certain extent. And this up-gradation increased the overall user conversion rate by 2.09%, which proved it's a successful change.

截屏2021-02-05 下午3.34.10.png

iQiyi PCW player after upgradation

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