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Into the "Metaverse"

The concept of metaverse lands is quickly rising in popularity as more and more users gain interest. It is also becoming a prominent digital asset class and can be seen as a disruptive innovation to how we view spaces for socializing, connecting, and gaming. As this trend became more and more inevitable, I decided to learn more about it. By working as a part-time intern in Impossible Finance - a crypto investment platform, I was able to design experience and hold events for their clients and users in the metaverse.


Considering "metaverse" as a public virtual space, I designed a pavilion in CryptoVoxel metaverse. In this building, visitors can learn about our vision, our strength, and our ongoing project.

I also helped hold a metaverse event for our users and clients. By figuring out the puzzle game in the building at a certain time, users can get NFT rewards. And when they are finding the answers to the puzzle, they need to look at every detail in this building, thus having a comprehensive understanding of our team.

What's more. As the 3D designer in the team, I am responsible for designing and generating high-quality renderings and animations of our NFTs or products. Our team is planning to launch the distribution and sale of our peripheral products, which we called "swags", including T-shirts, sweaters, caps, etc. In order to stabilize the user base and expand our team's reputation. Here are some of my rendering work and the link of our Shopify page (haven't put up the 3D rendering yet).


Besides those works, I'm helping to filter and do research on P2E(Play to Earn) game projects for IF's research and investment team. With accumulated knowledge of the video game industry and solid experience in game design, I wrote reports for the team based on projects' game design, visual design, and their team qualification. Mechanic and systems mean a lot to me because it is important that a good gamefi project team must build their gameplay based on the P2E feature, and they should be careful in designing the in-game assets because each of them will become a unique NFT(Non-fungible Token)owned by players. These facts indicate that it is different from the traditional game industry.

​Here are some selected links to project reports written by me.

Why work for the Blockchain industry?

This is a question I've been asked a lot by my friends. For me, this work experience means not only exploring the crypto world, but more importantly, it means getting a better understanding of a brand new technology. I'm always fascinated by how new technologies will affect design and innovation. In my undergraduate period, I tried my best to get familiar with AR/VR technology. And for now, as the words "Blockchain," "Smart Contracts," "P2E" are becoming more and more popular, I would also try my best to learn the application cases of Blockchain technology.

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