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My Other Works

There are some other design works that can also show my creative skills, independent thinking ability, and interdisciplinary design ability. 

01 Pisces

We have given the pedestrian bridge a wealth of circulation and viewing functions, and the crowd will have different feelings when walking on the upper and lower floors of the bridge. The flow of people between the two floors will also have an enjoyable, interactive experience. Pisces is a perfect unity of shape and structure. It is also a bold attempt to challenge the identity of function and form.

02 M-Center

Taking coronavirus as an example, the initial detection of infectious diseases has a lot of pain points. Through the improvement and reorganization of the patient's medical treatment process, I proposed the concept of rapid deployment of modular detection stations. By re-planning the medical treatment line, the doctor-patient line does not overlap, and the medical staff and the patient are separated as much as possible in space.

03 Nerve

Nerve is my vision for the future of transportation. As we all know, the human body will perceive various external factors and produce changes and feedback accordingly. The future transportation system will also develop into a dynamic system that can sense and make changes in real-time, and the vehicle is a living individual in this system.

04 Chinese wooden stools

I incorporated the structural language of traditional Chinese architecture into the wooden stool design. The first stool uses the conventional "Sun Mao" structure, and no glue is used up and down the entire stool. The second chair draws on traditional Chinese architecture's "Dou Gong" structure, giving it excellent bearing capacity.

05 "YI"


This is the recruiting poster I designed when I was the design director of the student union at the school—inspired by the traditional Chinese calendar. The word "宜" contains the thoughts of the ancient Chinese Book <Yijing> and represents people's estimation of their fortune. I use this concept to attract those freshmen to join the student union.

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