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Hi! I'm

Jingyuan Kang

I'm a UI/UX Designer & Game Developer focused on immersive technologies 

UX Design Projects

I have a solid design background. Those are my selected works related to user experience design. And I promise you that they are not tedious at all (as UX design portfolio pieces often tend to be.)

Pitch Party

Game Design / UX Design

A gamified experience designed for the 2022 ASTC Conference. The purpose is to give attendees the opportunity to connect with their peers in an interesting way.

Jell-O Creature Lab

AR Game / Digital Marketing

Jell-O Creature Lab is a Deeplocal-partnered project focused on making the famous gelatine dessert, Jell-O, into a playful and tangible experience that promotes interactive play among kids and parents.

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UX Case Study

A case study about improving the game live-streaming experience. It provides a more engaging and interactive experience for viewers, while giving streamers the ability to manage and respond to viewer interactions more effectively.

Game Dev Projects

 My passion is for creating fun experiences & games for audiences. And I'm also fascinated by immersive technologies. These works show not only my thoughts on game design, but also how I utilize my UX design skills in developing games.

截屏2021-12-05 下午11.46_edited.jpg
Cave Trip

Immersive Storytelling

We designed an immersive horror experience, using a 3-sides projector, Vive trackers, a huge mechanical platform, and even some improvisational acting skills!

WeChat Screenshot_20221229150925.png

Machine Learning + Game

PongVR is a game of pong where the player vs. AI agent. We trained the AI agents through a demonstration dataset given by the game. They have different playstyles for players to choose.

World Destroyer - Title Image_edited.jpg
World Destroyer

Virtual Reality Game

​A virtual reality game demo inspired by Lawn Dart Game. The Player will act as an aggressive alien who will destroy a city!


Theme Park Game

A location-based game designed for "Jam-O-Drum". It is a large device built for the theme park experience, which allows four players to play together.

WeChat Screenshot_20211006202911.png
Tornado Hero

Virtual Reality Game

​A virtual reality game demo that is dedicated to disaster rescue teams. Players will use some novel inventions to save people from the huge hurricane.

Alice In "Wonderland"

2D Top-down Game

A 2D top-down view game about escaping from a scary dungeon, using Eye Tracker as the support device.

Work Experience

Into The "Metaverse"

Part-time Assistant in Impossible Finance

As the terms "metaverse" and "P2E" became more and more popular in gaming and other industries, I decided to learn more about them by joining the blockchain industry.

title image.jfif
Creating Virtual Space Experience for Health & Wellness

Summer Internship in Havas Health&You

I got the chance to create a VR experience and work with real clients as a creative intern at Havas Mango, a creative agency focused on the metaverse.

iQiyi User Experience Up-gradation

Full-time Internship in iQiyi

Working as a UX design intern, I generated wireframes and low to mid-fi prototypes for web pages. And increased the overall user conversion rate by 2.09% in the upgrade.

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Other Works

Some other design works can also show my creative skills, independent thinking ability, and interdisciplinary design ability. 

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Design Projects
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